Saturday, December 13, 2008

India Unbound My Inbound Journey

It's December and Holidays are here ! I am waiting desperately to board the flight to India as soon as possible. Yes, I am visiting India after almost one and a half year. Just one more week to go and I am done with this semester.

This is first time I am going to India after I came to USA. There are many reasons I am excited but two of them are quite obvious. First of all any Indian would like to go his or her home country whenever they get a chance, so I guess I am just one of them. Second Obvious reason is "I am getting married" so no doubt about it that Someone wouldn't be excited for one's marriage.

Well the Lucky girl is Bhumika and She is my best friend. Bhumika did her Bachelors in architecture at SVIT in Baroda. Thats same college where I did my bachelors. By now you must have got some idea about our love story. So lets not digg into it further anymore.

Going to India would be always exciting for me as I was born and raised in India. Like any other Indian I too would like to do crazy stuff such as eat delicious food(not to mention Panipuris, Bhelpuri, Paubhaji, South Indian food, Sevusal, and mom's food), hang out with friends, harass people and party. All this and more is just a part of "must to do list in India" but there is lot more which I have decided to do.

According to my few friends here who know me, say I cook well, so I am not longing to eat and go out wild for it. But ya I would like to explore few relations in my family, spend time with Bhumika and meet people when I stay there. I say explore because Its more than one year I have stayed away from them and now I dont know what they feel and think. I think I have changed a lot, my attitude towards my life is changed, d way I see people, interact with them and learned lot from my experience.

In addition to this, I also would like to meet some of my teachers and professors who had influence on me and have shaped my life. I believe they along with and as my family owe my success.

Last year when I came to USA I was reading book written by Gurucharan das titled India Unbound. That book is a must read for every Indian I believe. This book gave me lot of knowledge that is just priceless. So I felt that let my this post be titled as "India Unbound My Inbound Journey".

My Journey is going to take new phase as now I will don a role of a husband, a son in law, brother in law and a Man from a boy. I can feel the sense of growing responsibilities on my shoulder as days are passing by. Life is afterall loving your loved ones and njoy relationships.

Hey guys you know one thing that I will reach India on 22nd december 08 and my marriage is on 1st of Jan 09. I will have only 5 to 6 days to prepare for my marriage, its getting tensed man!!! I dont know how I will manage but I am sure its going to be tough.

On 31st, a day before my marriage we are going to have a blast with all our relatives and close friends. Another thing new year's first day and my new life's first day going to start on the same day. So that has kept me excited all the time since I came to know about the date.

I am very Happy and I cannot wait anymore to go home. Right now I can just say a line which my college has a slogan "There is excitement in the air".