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Key Networking Feature: Sharing

Networking is about creating best friends forever who will advocate for you.  Let’s revisit some aspects of your friendship and see why that works great for both.   Let’s assume you have a fictitious best friend named Chris.  Now you receive a gold medal in 400 meters running race and call Chris immediately “to share your happiest moment”.  You just shared a part of your life and made Chris a part of your life.  Chris now feels important.  You are not feeling well and you need help and you call Chris.  Chris shows up and helps you out.  In return you always stand by him whenever he needs you.  You are always connected with Chris through email, phone, and home address and hang out together.  Whenever you are happy, sad, enlightened, or whatever you feel like sharing with Chris. 
Now hold that thought for a second and ask this question to yourself, have you ever felt this way with some of your professional friends?  Have you shared anything with them that you felt was great? Do you ha…

Success Factor: Showing Up

In most successful people's case it was just a matter of showing up on time.  Just show up.  Some of the famous bloggers and blogs are successful because they always showed up.  They kept shipping.  Even when they sucked at it.  I have blogged before on shipping read this "Born to ship".  If you suck at whatever you do and if you keep doing it then eventually you will realize how much you suck at it and you will try to find ways to improve.  After writing so many articles and posts when I look back at older posts, I realize how bad I was at writing.  Some posts don't make any sense right now but they had to go out.  Facebook believes in, "Done is better than perfect" philosophy.  If you can recall the first generation Kindle device you will say it sucked big time compared to what it is now.  Amazon is relentless in pursuing their ideas.  They are not going back or stop.  New versions of Kindles which are better, faster and lighter will show up during the h…

A Make Sure List For Every Meeting To Stay On Track

Some projects last for a long period of time and lots of meetings are conducted to get the project done.  During those meetings lots of things are discussed.  Lots of decisions are being made and responsibilities being assigned.  At the same time not everything that was important gets accomplished.  It is because other priorities took over and that one thing which was important never got done.  And nobody bothered to revisit it.

I think these things should be addressed before a meeting is even scheduled and agenda being formed.  This is a checklist of things that need to be done for past, present and future meetings.   This will make sure that we are in the control of the project.  I see past, present and future meetings’ to-do lists as color coded items.  It helps me in realizing the importance of each of them.  Please make sure about the following things for every meeting we schedule.

Previous meetings (Green)
Run through a checklist from last meeting about things that need to be …