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India Unbound My Inbound Journey

It's December and Holidays are here ! I am waiting desperately to board the flight to India as soon as possible. Yes, I am visiting India after almost one and a half year. Just one more week to go and I am done with this semester.

This is first time I am going to India after I came to USA. There are many reasons I am excited but two of them are quite obvious. First of all any Indian would like to go his or her home country whenever they get a chance, so I guess I am just one of them. Second Obvious reason is "I am getting married" so no doubt about it that Someone wouldn't be excited for one's marriage.

Well the Lucky girl is Bhumika and She is my best friend. Bhumika did her Bachelors in architecture at SVIT in Baroda. Thats same college where I did my bachelors. By now you must have got some idea about our love story. So lets not digg into it further anymore.

Going to India would be always exciting for me as I was born and raised in India. Like any…