Being Passionate

How passionate you are about anything you do?

" You have to constantly worry about the work you are doing, otherwise rational people will just give up on the way" --Steve Jobs(CEO of Apple Inc.)

The above quote was said by Steve Jobs on his interview along with Bill Gates(founder of Microsoft) on ALL THINGS DIGITAL. You can watch the video series here

If your products are not "Remarkable" then your team is not passionate about it. Just think about any Apple products. Aren't those products truly amazing and sexy?

Your mind should be filled with the product, your work, your organization, every effort you make then only you can be passionate about anything you do. You should be obsessed by your work so much that even in the middle of the night, you are excited and wake up to finish it.

Then only you can be Passionate. Only Passionate people create remarkable products, products about which you can make a remark.

When I want to get any kind of inspiration on dedication and hard work, I look upon
Steve Jobs(CEO of Apple), Aamir Khan (Bollywood Superstar), A. R. Rehman(Oscar winning Muscian), Seth Godin(Marketing Guru) and more. I consider them as my mentors.

Are you Passionate?

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