Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why do we need more sources of inspiration?

How many sources of inspiration are there?  "Infinite". Yes there are infinite sources of inspiration. You can get inspired by watching a bird build her nest or by watching videos on or see Barack Obama's Historical speeches on Youtube. There are plenty.
The point is did you get them. Are you able to co-relate their story with yours? How does this leader's situation analogous to me and what is in there for me.  Are you curious and hungry for more inspiration?

And how many we actually need to succeed.  You guessed it right.  We need InfiniteBut why we need infinite sources of inspiration?  Because our Journey is very short to make a difference in this world.  And we want to accomplish our goals within a short period of time.  We never know which one will help us in the long run.

Remember last time you got a help from the person you never expected in the first place.  That is the key.  We never know who will help us. So going by the rule of probability if one out of ten is helping me then why not add hundred to the list.  We need to seek inspiration from smallest objects to biggest wonders in this world. 

In this cluttered world where every single medium tries to grab your attention.  Facebook, twitter, TV, Radio, Ipods, Books, Friends, Family and Job.  We lose our momentum and finally loose our focus towards our goals.  And without plenty of sources of inspiration it is difficult for us to achieve heroic feet.  The key is we should be never out of inspiration. 

Keep looking for Inspiration. "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" - Steve Jobs.