How not to lose any Idea?

How many times you thought that you had a great idea and just couldn't do anything about it? "Oh, I wish I could do that" is not acceptable in modern age. Have you experienced like that in your daily work, your assignments, cooking food, project, design or meeting.

Have you ever tried being creative and be different than others? What prevented you from doing those? How can so many great people come up with marvelous ideas?

There were many great moments in life that you could have made them different, memorable and as seth godin would say it "REMARKABLE". How can we capture those IDEAS and implement them?

Learn from a child who fearlessly expresses everything in a drawing book. Corporate companies have "DRAWING BOARDS" in their meeting room. And many start up companies keep them to brainstorm new ideas. Having a drawing boards in our life helps us capture those great Ideas. Because our life is our start up company.

"Always draw your thoughts and ideas on a DRAWING BOARD and never lose them".

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