Have you done your SWOT analysis before?

SWOT -Strengths(Internal), Weakness(Internal), Opportunities(External), Threats(External). SWOT analysis as we commonly refer in business case studies, it is very important in assessing a company's position.(More info)

This helps companies in refining their mission and formulate appropriate business strategies. Well life is also a Business in many aspects.

We have a blur picture of our strengths and weaknesses in our mind but we never explicitly write them down.

Take a Drawing board, do your SWOT analysis and place in your home so that you see it everyday, twice or thrice a day. Experiment this for few days and revise it.

It will have enormous amount of Impact in your thinking, behavior, attitude, relationship, job, goals and your Life.

So what are your strengths?
"You have the right to change your life if you don't like it."

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