Work to learn

Of course we all need money but that should not be our sole focus while doing any job. If you work to learn something then your enthusiasm, dedication and effort will increase.

To enable learning you need to be creative. If you are motivated by money all your focus would be devoted towards money. Money kills the creativity in you.

If you work to learn new skills or on improving your existing one then you will start asking intelligent questions to your boss and peers. Slowly you will know more than anyone else in your areas of expertise.

I have always focused on learning aspect on any job. It has given me strength, confidence and wisdom. If you focus on learning then all night long you will wait for the morning to go to your job.

Money will follow excellence and excellence will come by learning. Some people stop learning after they have achieved success. They have moved into their comfort zone. Finally they realize they have been fired from their job. If you believe in continuous learning then there is no end of work in this world.

There is so much to learn.

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