Monday, January 04, 2010

Creativity and Play

Why Kids are so creative? How come they have so many ideas? How can they imagine crazy and wacky ideas?

The single most reason is that they don't care. They simply don't care about the judgment of their Ideas. Whereas adults do care about the judgment of their ideas by their peers.

Children incorporate playful activities in their daily life. Children love to play. Whereas most adults restrict themselves playing sports or with different objects. Children love to play with objects we use daily.

Children have access to most of the art accessories while they go to school. Whereas when they grow they loose access to glue stick, pencils, colors, tapes, drawing boards and more. So Children love to create and adults don't.

These and similar concepts Tim Brown Chief Executive Officer of IDEO, a firm with more than fortune 500 clients seeks design ideas, argues in this below embedded video featured on I would rather call Tim as Chief Experience Officer of IDEO.

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