Fail Frequency

What is your Fail Frequency?  It is not a very complex thought.  After all a frequency is simply the number of occurrences of an event in a unit time. 

Fail Frequency is nothing but the number of times you failed in your life till now.  How many times have you failed?  We learn from our failures, others failures and system failures.

The more we fail, the more we succeed.  Abraham Lincoln lost the presidential election twice and until 42 years of age he was considered a failure. 

The fear of failure is preventing you from doing remarkable things.  The fear haunts you all the time.  If you have failed once then next time you will not worry about it.  Work hard and be open to criticisms.  We learn from our critics. 

Our best friend is a one who give us honest criticism and not the one who appreciates our mistakes.  The more often you do something the better you get at it.  The chances of failure will reduce and you will eventually succeed.  The key to success is persistent effort.

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