Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Only Resource

God gave us one resource equally to all of us in this world. And that resource is Time. Isn't that been mentioned thousands and millions of times that "Time is equal to Money". But lets face it how many people take it seriously?

Well some people do care and so they stand out of the crowd. Some jam pack their daily schedule to do as much as possible(Workalcholics). Where some do little and free up their schedule. Some people try to do same work every day while some try out differnt things everyday.

So Have you done something different today than what you did yesterday? Yes we all do different things. It is that choice of doing something different in a given time sets us apart. If you ask a group of people like "what would you do in your FREE time?". Just observe the different answers you get.

Some will choose to do Facebooking, Listen to music, watch video, watch TV, play games, spend time with family, spend some time alone, read books, meet people, write a blog, follow a mentor,venture out with friends, do something different and make a difference in their lives. 

Bill Gates chose to "Dream of the First software Company" and pursued his dream his entire life - Microsoft.  Sergy Brin and Larry Page chose to aggregate world's information at one place - Google.  All great leaders and founders of Fortune companies did just one thing in their "Time". Do things they loved to do.

Unprecedented events and things happen in our daily lives that shifts our focus and attention. It takes a hell amount of time from our schedule. It shifts our focus and attention. Sometimes it is good sometimes it is bad.

It is now the time to ask ourselves "In this limited amount of time what is the best option I would LOVE to do, not like to do?"