Sunday, January 24, 2010

What is Magic anyway?

What is a Magic anyway?   Magic to most of us is a Godly skill that a normal human being cannot, and does not possess.  When you think of magic which names comes to your mind instantaneously?  Harry Houdini and David Blaine are the names that are associated with word "world famous magicians".

We need to redefine the word "Magic".  It is skill practiced by people who are highly focused, determined, passionate and practiced it millions of times.  And yes they love doing it.  Now think again, the names associated with such a skills.   The number of names increases certainly.

Magic is done every day, and every second in our life.   Steve Jobs, founder of Apple company, practiced his skill of presenting great ideas a million times.  He does magic, Changed an entire Industry.   Michael Jackson practiced the famous Moon walk a million times.  He did magic, Changed an entire Industry.  A mother makes bread every single day with equal devotion and love, to feed her children.  She does magic and Changes Life. 

We love magic because it has the potential to change our life instantaneously.  A state of mind is changed.  An attitude towards life is changed.  Google does magic by providing us results within fractions of second.  People behind Google practiced a skill "providing world's information at one place" by doing it a million times.  Google does magic. Changed our Lives forever.

Think of Skill that you can practice a million times.  A programming skill, skill to make friends, skill to convince people, skill of leading people, and skill to do anything.   Practice it with passion, love, dedication and improve each time you practice.  You have an opportunity to change the world with your Magic.

The Question now for you is what is your Magic?  What is that skill that you want to turn into magic?