Thursday, February 04, 2010

Addiction is Omnipresent

Let's face it. Addiction is everywhere. We all are addicted to something or the other. And it is good and/or bad.

Some are addicted to Facebook, Shopping, eating fast food, staying online from everywhere, networking, partying, watching movies, playing games, reading books, smoking, drinking, working, and just about everything you just cannot stay without. 

Yes Addiction is something you cannot stay without it.  You just want it anyhow anyway.  You will go that extra mile to find a cigratte, or spend unnecessary extra time on Facebook to update the status or play games.

After all its altogether good to be addicted at things that matter.  Things that installs creativity.  Things that motivate you.  Things that help create a better world.

So ask yourselft a favor what kind of addiction is good for me?  Here are a few to get a head start.

Get  yourself addicted to perfection.  Get addicted to help people.  Get addicted to learn something. 

[Smoking, drinking, drugs are injurious forms of addiction and this blog post is no way intended to encourage those kinds of addiction.]