Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Find a Niche

Today in this world there is absolutely no end to innovation and expertise.  There are way too many choices and way less time to choose you, your product, your company and your brand.  And this is applicable to every industry.

So what is the end result when a customer goes out for shopping.  He chooses the best product in the category within his predefined selection criteria.   That customer could be your employer looking for a new hire, customer in a grocerry store, or big company buying small cat.

If you are not the best in the business then your are out of business.  Let's take Facebook, the best in social networking where the creme lies.  If you are looking for a new hire then you will shop for the best eligible player to do the job. Aren't you?

If you are new in the business and if you are lucky you might be the best but what if you are not.  Do you have a choice?  Yes ofcourse.  "Find your Niche" - Niche in a simple word is a category that is unexplored by the competition.

Let's say I am the best engineer in the IT industry.  Or I am the best pharmacist or the best service provider.  If you are lucky then chances are good that you will not be kicked out.  Otherwise you will definitely smashed by your competition. 

So Find a Niche in your industry say I am the best engineer in IT industry who can deal with high speed networks.  Interesting.

So What is Your Niche?