Are you having fun?

Life was always meant to have lots of fun and in all of our endeavors.  When we include fun in our lives we tend to start enjoying the process, right?  Mass production at school, churning out molded students with one single skill set, has forced us to leave all the fun at home.   Yes schools take away all our fun.

Did you enjoy going to kindergarten?  Absolutely yes.  Why? Because it was all about having fun at school.  I am taking class right now in Leadership under Dr.  Clinton O. Longenecker(Two minute drill) and it is so much fun.  Time passes by and a 2:15 hour class is done, Boom!  He bring cookies and milk, lots of candies, pop and lots of fun to the class along with disciplined education.  

I always wonder at the end of the class why aren't all of our classes at school conducted the same way.  I cannot describe my wonderful experience in Clint's class but most of you can relate it to your kindergarten experience.

So when was the last time you had fun at school or your work place.  Mix it up and include some fun activity in your life.  Life can't get better than this.

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