Monday, March 15, 2010

Continuous Improvement

Google's founder Sergy Brin and Larry Page once commented about their search engine, "The later to visit our site the better for you."  The reasoning behind this was they would then have more time to improve the site.

Guy Kawasaki says, "If you feel the product is ready then ship it, and then improve it later, users will figure out the flaws and stay with it." 

Every product and organization goes through stages.  They aren't perfect the first time but they improve along the way.  If you feel perfection is preventing you from shipping than think again. 

Think about Google's so many products they all aren't perfect except few.  But they are good at bring to those users who are already there and continuously improve from customer feedback.

If you feel your resume is not perfect, never mind think in terms of versions or drafts.  Think as a Beta version of your resume.  Get feedback from industry experts and improve it. 

If you want to form your own company, go form it.  Don't wait.  Waiting is the least you could afford. 

Think about continuous improvement and receive feedback from absolutely anyone.