Keeping it real simple

You know the KISS principle right!  Yes ! Keep It Simple Stupid(KISS) principle.  Its really tough and a challenge for most of the people to keep it really simple.  They just love to make it complex as they can and sound stupid as much as they can.

But in real life its all about simplicity.  The more simple the better.  Easy to understand and easy to share.

Guy Kawasaki in his interview says
  Two things business schools should really teach students
   1. How to make a 10 slide presentation.
   2. How to write emails in just 5 sentences.

Because in real life you don't have enough time to sell your idea.  Exactly Nobody has time for you. 

If you really care about your presentation keep it simple and easy to understand.  We present every single moment in our life not only in business or schools or to a startup.  You pitch your idea to your son, father, mother, wife, husband and friends every now and then. 

Just be simple and remove the unnecessary.

Twitter sells because in 140 you sell your idea or your gone. 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da vinci and Steve Jobs

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