When are you most vulnerable?

Vulnerable : prone to attack, easily defeat-able or prone to diseases

When are you, your organization, company or family most vulnerable to attack or failure or diseases?
Ans:  When you're at the top. Or when you're highly successful.

Organizations are the best examples and they get attacked all the time by competition, technology, economy, politics or customer demand.   General Motors had the highest profit in 2003 in their industry.  Record profits, sales records were broken.  What happened to GM in 2008? 

Individuals get attacked by layoffs(widespread today), diseases flu(most common), relationship(quite possible) or economy(biggest factor for most of us).   What happened to hundreds of thousands of layoffs in the last year?

So why this happens?  Because most of them don't anticipate change and take necessary actions in advance.  We need to be maintenance type people and organizations.  

We need to be good at change management.  Yes this is the most used buzz word today "change management".

What could GM have done with those money in 2003, instead of giving away in bonuses?  Invest in fuel efficient cars, saved money and invested in human capital.

What could laid off people have done before?  Renewed their skills continuously, saved money, invest their money, update resume every 6 or 12 months and escaped from layoffs.

I would say that today we all are vulnerable and everyday something happens that changes the game.  But  the good news it that we can avoid it.

All we need to do is become change ready individuals.

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