Apple does not create products - its a fact

Apple doesn't create products it is an accepted truth world wide.  WTH? is what you would say right.  Well they do create products like ipod, ipad, iphone, and everything with an "i"- preceding to it.  Yes they do create physical products but that is not what they work for every single day worrying about every single detail.

Yes ! they work for creating an experience, creating a desire, creating a wow moment when you touch, feel and consume the product. 

Create an experience
Apple wants to create an experience around you when you own an "i" product.  An experience of happiness, joy, pride, a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of self, and more is created.  Apple is a company that cares not about you but about your experiences and feelings.

Create a desire
You should create a product that would create desires of three kinds in you.
1) If you don't have the money you desire - "If I had enough money to spend I would buy it"
2) If you have the money you desire  - "As soon as the product is launched I will be the first one to buy it"
3) If you already own one you desire - "Whenever the new version comes I will buy that one"

Apple exactly creates products that create all these desires.   Can you create a product that will do that for any person?  Can you create a movie that would create such desires?  Can you create an experience a wow moment during a service call?

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