This is not about a big movie is about creating BIG Picture - to visualize what the whole concept looks like...what the world out there looks like.  Our schools most of the time failed to create a BIG PICTURE about REAL life.

Teachers love to stay in their dreamland or status-quo land and have always objected the real world.  They didn't want to create a big picture because then they would have to change their life style and learn new things to teach students the same.  I am not here to brag about them.  Let's get out of that mentality of working in a factory.  Follow instructions, Give test and find job with no knowledge about real world.

Imagine what if one created a BIG picture in your mind early in age about changing work place.  What would be future like if you became an entrepreneur?  How does a small technology or a programming language would help you in the long run?  How can you become a leader and lead a tribe?  How can you solve any problem in the world irrespective of your skills and talent?  The world would have been much different than it is today. 

Nobody taught us how to think BIG.  Nobody taught how to imagine and relate things with each other.  Nobody taught us how you could profit from your talents.  Schools are good at putting holds on your accounts, on your thinking and on your imagination. 

Thank you Sergey and Larry for inventing Google, we are now able to find answers to most of the "how to do" things.  We want to know the BIG PICTURE.  Professors and teachers should stop teaching "How to do" and start inspiring students.    Inspiration, Imagination and Motivation are the things our generation need the most.

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