Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Can you solve this?

Can you solve this problem? Can you solve almost anything?  Are you seen as solution provider at your job place?  Are you seen as a solutions expert?  We need more problem solvers no matter in whatever field you choose.  There are complex solutions and complex thought process involved which many individuals cannot come up with.

It is difficult to come up with solutions to a business process in a company.  Or come up with a visual mapping of the whole project concept.  Your boss says "you need to make a presentation in the morning about possible solutions to a problem in a project".  Can you do it?

Skills are just not enough at the work place these days anymore.  You need more than just skills.  You need imagination.  You need conceptualization and visualization power.   Your company needs such individuals today, not a cog working 5-8 shift.   We need more Linchpins these days.