Saturday, April 17, 2010

Change readiness

Have you seen the movie AVATAR by the legendary director James Cameroon?  If you haven't go watch it now.  In the movie, people from earth try to invade a distant lonely planet Pandora to get a precious element.  The real challenge in getting it was the resistance from community of people who dwelt there.  At the end of the movie, men from earth had to give up and finally return to earth empty handed.

Before any project think about people.  In Avatar - people were unwilling to relocate and didn't buy into the change process.  Most systems fail because of people's resistance.  Softwares don't cost as much as the training does.  So is the reason why consultants are highly expensive.  Before implementing new process or a new technology, or a new project in your company or organization then make people hungry for change.

It is no different case, either for you or your family.