Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is a leadership failure

Is you company facing bankruptcy?

Is your team failing to produce better results? 

Is your group not functioning well as it was supposed to be?

Are your leaders blaming the economy?  Come on give me a break.  If they are leaders how they couldn't see it coming.  

Absolutely it is a leadership failure when anything goes wrong in any company, organization, personal life or groups.  

Leaders are responsible for making a company successful or go bankrupt.  Leaders can bring the change into an organization.  It can be for good or for bad.

If you are dealing in stocks then is it a safe bet to bet on the company or on the leaders?

Do you invest in the company or in its corporate culture?

Leadership absolutely matters and we are leaders in our lives too.  So if anything goes wrong don't blame others take charge and solve it. 

Leadership Rocks !