TGIF Abundance

After all, now restaurants are named after this mentality "Thank God Its Friday" famously known as TGIF.  The factory mentality - work, work all week and just wait for the weekend to party, party and party, has led to an abundance of such workers.  I called them TGIF workers.

In my definition, A TGIF worker is  a one who is always pissed off at his/her daily work, just waiting for the 5PM everyday, always complaining about boss, always looking for every weekend as long weekend, and trying hard enough to convert every day into a Friday.   Well that's not going to happen anytime sooner. 

Everyone wants to celebrate the weekend and everyone love to but nobody loves to enjoy the work like enjoying a sunny sunday.  Very few take get excited everyday to get up and do exciting work.  Very few say ...JWFM....Just Waiting for Monday.  The only way to enjoy everyday at work as a sunday  is to- "Include lots and lots of fun to your work".

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