Thank you

We need it more and more then ever before.  We need it and we desperately need them.  It fuels my engine, your engine to overproduce, over deliver.  Guess what would happen when you say thank you to your boss for doing all the right things.  Or to your parents, or your professor for helping you or for being what they are.  It empowers your relationship with them.  Do it as frequently you can.

Here I thank you all who are reading this post since you are the real deal devoting your most important asset to me for 3 minutes and i.e Attention.  Thank you folks for all your attention.  I appreciate all your comments and views.

Want to give special thanks to "Journey" blog's regular readers.
@Bhumika - Thank you wifey for making life easy.

@Rachana Shakyawar - Thank you so much for landing every single day to read my post and give your valuable feedback.  Thanks a ton Rachi.

@Prerak Parikh - Hey your posts are excellent and you bring a great deal with your comments.

And all the facebook fans of journey blog.  Please comment to share your thoughts with me.  Thanks a lot everyone.

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