Monday, April 26, 2010

Theory of Relative Feelings

This will sound very stupid but I will ask.  Why everyone is happy and everyone sad in the world when the conditions are same?  Different people in the same situation are happy and sad.  Why we have different feelings in the same situation. 

It is because everything is all relative.  Your experiences, your happiness, your sadness and your perceptions, your beliefs are all relative and based on relative experiences of the community around you.  Everything we see, we feel and we judge is based upon the relative perceptions of the engaging community or the social experiences.

You feel super happy when you get high grades, whereas your fellow mate getting C grade is also equally happy.  People feel jealous when they see someone passing by with a Mercedes whereas  people below you feel jealous about you owning a Hyundai car or a motorbike.  

This is because our relative experiences change with the changes happening in our social environment.  We move upwards and our standards change, our social network changes and our emotional intelligence evolves.  We do not react to same situations with equal anger or happiness any more, because we are now used to it.

So next time before getting sad think about people who are happy.   Before complaining about food think of those who do not get to eat food but still are happy.  Before criticizing people think people who will appreciate it.

You will react differently to a situation if your social circuit is changed.  Your social network is working overnight to influence your behavior to any situation.