We need more experiments

Nothing is certain.  A movie with no expectations makes milions and a movie with lots of expectations fails.  Same is true with new startups.  You never know which one will succeed.

In this age of uncertainity, we don't know what is going to be a success or what is going to be a failure.  We simply have no clue.  So what do we do then? Is there any magic trick to succeed in life.  Yes.  Do as many experiments as you can with your ideas and with your company. 

What if I fail? What if we go wrong? What if?  We need to eliminate that "What if" pharse  that prevents us from experimenting.

You can go wrong a hundred times in an experiment but once you will hit a home run.  You can create 5 movies in one year and all can go flop.  But you only need one big hit that will cover up your expenses for other movies.(The Long Tail - Chris Andersen)

We need to treat our life as a platform for conducting experiments.  And truly it is.  You conduct experiments on your ideas and your philosophy and wait if they succeed.  Right.   In uncertainty we fear to conduct "many" of them.  Do as many experiments as you can.  You will hit a home run in one of them.

"In anything you do, failure is an option, fear is not" - James Cameroon

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