Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forget Demand Think Desire

If you are running your company then many times you will be concentrating on generating demand for your product.  How can I get more consumers?

If your product is remarkable by all standards then you don't have to worry about demand and how to create one.  Product will have enough demand.  Worrying on numbers is all secondary when your product hits the stands.  You should not worry about demand before you design the product. 

What you should be working on is creating a desire for your product or a service.  Apple Inc. was successful in creating a desire to own an ipod.  "If had the money I will only buy an ipod" - Is a Desire of a wannabe apple tribe member. 

Can you create a desire in 100 true fans?  How can  you create a desire to possess your product to million people or billion people? 

Answers is simple but not simpler : Build remarkable and desirable products.