Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Millions of Leadership Opportunities Lost

From centuries we have been taught to work the way it use to be.  The way everything works is the only way to work it out.  From the day mass production was introduced we introduced standardized way of doing things and parted our ways from doing things in a different way.   We were taught to go to school get education and work for someone in a factory. Thinking different was not allowed.  Thinking of Leadership was not in our surroundings.

With this great mentality we have created millions of doctors and engineers along the way.  The way it used to work.  We created cogs who work 8-5PM shifts and return homes.   And simultaneously lost millions of leadership opportunities.  The society forced kids to go to follow, follow and follow all the times.  Nobody told them to LEAD from the front.

There are millions of leaders in demand.  And nobody want to be a leader.  Because nobody is ready for the challenge.  We have pampered our status quo since ages to adopt what has been given to us.  We have been trained to see a catastrophic event and do nothing about it.  We could have avoided most of the worlds problems with true leadership.

There are more bigger problems and life threatening problems in the world today then they were before.  Today we need more people to collaborate and to work in groups and tribes.  To lead those tribes we need leaders, leaders and leaders.  The Gulf Coast Oil spill could have been stopped much earlier if a true leader would have been in charge of. 

To solve 21st century problems we need true leaders who can motivate, inspire and transform lives.  If you feel from the bottom of the heart the need to change the world then Leadership is your kind of a deal.  If you are deeply concerned about a cause then leadership is the answer and only you can do it.

Your society needs your leadership....your family needs it...your friends need lead.....the world needs it....

There are millions of leadership opportunities lost every day.   Millions of people gave up and never fought for what they believed in.  The time is now to accept the job of a LEADER.