Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reinvent your life through sailing and blogging

Have you heard stories of great sailors?  JOURNEYS of Great sailors teach us a heck of a deal on blogging and reinventing life through blogging.  I found a great co-relation between sailing and blogging.  And both are ideal way of living your life King Size.

So what happens when your boat is off track or struggling in a storm or is struck with an ice berg?  You feel helpless.  What you do when your boat has lost direction and is wandering about in the ocean?  Your hope is someone will come and help you out.  Someone will show you the way of survival.  Some one will rescue your JOURNEY.

So in that hope you start sending signals in the air hoping somebody in the world will receive, interpret it and eventually send rescue teams to save your boat.  Blogging is very similar to sailing and we can learn great life lessons from sailing and blogging.

So you start sending the signals (write blog posts) and wait sometime.  As time passes by you see no help is coming your way.  You become nervous and frustrated.  Now what ! Either you give up or you continue sending signals.   Somehow you hope that someday will definitely come.  And you keep sending signals.  Few hours passes and now you meet some fellow men who have lost the track just like you.  They will either help you or pass by with no clue or even ignore you.

Similarly in life, you have lost direction in quest or you are failing or you want to reinvent your life.  And  you don't know what you do.  You identify the cause and start sending signals.  Some never do.  They are satisfied with their status quo.  Few accept the challenge and fight.  You don't give up and continue sending signals in the ether.   You keep posting  your thoughts on a blog and keep sending signals. 

Finally the boats arrives you get people who will be able to relate to your cause(interpret your signal).  They will support you to find your way and reinvent yourself.  They will comment on your thoughts.  Along the way you too will grow and become a learning individual.     

The great life learning lesson here was contributing to this world without expecting something and just hoping that somebody will recognize your work.  There will come a day when the boats will arrive and take you ashore. 

Key Points :
1) Identify your passion or your problem
2) Starting sending signals -write blog posts
3) Persistence - Continue sending signals
4) Hope - Hope somebody will relate to your feelings
5) Challenge your status quo

Picture: I drew that picture for an exhibition in my undergraduate studies.