Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - Steve Jobs

How Apple has managed to stay on top and still managed to look foolish?  Why is Steve Jobs staying with this philosophy?  What is so great about it?

What is being so great about being foolish?  I have thought over and over again about this philosophy and I am able to discover how great it is.

Apple launched Ipad in January with a lot of buzz.  All over the world, people tuned into popular blogs to see what Steve Jobs has to offer.  And thousands were waiting to comment on the Ipad.  After the launch, most  people were hugely disappointed.  Lots of criticism floated around the web including the famous Hitler Video Series.

People thought Apple has launched a mediocre product with not so many features and hugely disappointed the early adopters.  Apple looked foolish again.  But the catch was Apple made people hungry along the way for a better version.  It didn't gave away all the features at once.  They wanted to remain foolish and make people hungry for more.

If someone invited you to a dinner and you don't eat much and left hungry, what would most people think.  He is foolish and he didn't ate to fulfill his hunger.  Or He doesn't know how to eat.  To enjoy the food you don't have keep assaulting your stomach until it can't take anymore.  Don't eat too much so that you can eat your next meal.  Don't skip your meals because your body needs small junks of food at regular intervals.

Don't ship all your product features at once.  Because people need frequent updates of better versions.  They need it and you need to provide it.  That simple it is.  Don't write a lengthy blog posts so that you can't write any more and you start skipping.   If I am taking someone to a tour of USA, I will not show them everything at once.  It is overwhelming and it looks over done right. 

Keep people hungry for the next one.   Don't start reading the book to finish it all at once.  Read a little and allow some gap while reading next chapters.  Because you need to grasp it, understand it and grow along with it.

Be foolish and do little.  Be foolish and speak little.  Be foolish and become great.  It's not at all bad to be foolish. 

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - Steve Jobs