Saturday, May 15, 2010

There is no room for excuses

There is absolutely no room for excuses in this world.  Now people need results and they have higher expectations.  They need better results.  

Failure to meet them means falling to our own prey.  In professional life there is no room for excuses.  Failing means you are weak.  Simple as it may sound but think about every reason and at the end it narrows down to just one sentence "You couldn't do it". 

Corporations can't afford excuses.  If you boss is kind enough then he will listen to you but will still fire you or shift you to another department.  Excuses means you hated your job and now you are ready to be shipped off to another job or department.

Don't give excuses because it reveals your weaknesses.  Don't give excuses because you couldn't ship it but give feedback on process improvement.

Stop thinking excuses and start thinking results.   Delivering desired results with discipline is the mantra today.

Nobody expects but demands results

Can you get me better results?