Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three Words Can Kill

Three words can kill an entire organization, whole company, even entire country and our planet earth.  Those words are "NOT MY JOB".

Yes this is not killing each other with weapons.  It is killing without doing anything.  Do you wait to see if it is your job to fix your house's water leak?  Do you blame it on somebody and do nothing about it?

It is not my home so why worry?  Right.  Perhaps everyone is thinking the same and same thing is repeated and multiplied in numerous organizations, companies and countries.  Why should I fix it when I didn't do it in the very first place?

If you child does "PEE" in your house, don't you wash it or not?  If you consider yourself as a father of this planet and every creature its son then wouldn't you fix others "PEE". I know it is tough to imagine.

It takes love to clean your son's shit but it take guts and a true selfless act to save an organization and the planet earth. 

The longest developing story right now is Gulf of Mexico's Oil Spill in the ocean, and it is running for over 3 weeks continuously.  Yes ! it is still flowing and nobody is taking the leadership, I mean true leadership to tackle the problem.

Blame Game, Not my job, They did it, they will have to pay for it, We are not responsible for this and on the mighty to find more of such statements on every page. 

It is irrelevant to see whose job was to fix it.  It is irrelevant to see who is right and wrong at this point of time.  Because at the end of the game...."EVERYBODY HAS TO PAY FOR THIS".   Government, People, Earth and Ecosystem.  

There has to be an emergency backup plan for any disaster that occurs in a company, organization or our Planet Earth.  And it goes like this.....Irrespective of who did it...if they are not able to fix it within preventable damage time frame, then it becomes everybody's job to fix the problem.

The company or individual who fixes it, gets rewarded and the one who couldn't do it and were supposed to do it gets penalized.  Treat your company as your family, Treat every employee as your son or daughter and your will realize whose job is to fix it. 

In the U.S. Oil spill case,  BP is going to get penalized but Everyone is affected right now.....nobody is coming forward to accept leadership....and blame game is still on....and United Nations is non-existent in this whole issue.