Monday, June 14, 2010

How to blog persistently?

Blogging is really tough if you are just a starter.  It requires persistence and continuous improvement to become the best blogger in the world.  You have to do it persistently to get through the dipDon't worry if you are not good at it.  The key is "If you keep doing it you will be good at it" - Seth Godin.  Here are three simple steps of a cycle to help  you blogging persistently.  
1. WRITE  

The very first step in blogging - write it down.  You decided to blog because you had an idea so you write it down.  You proof read it.  Go by the rule of no of paragraph.  The number of paragraphs you have proof read it by that number.

2.  SAVE
Next very important step save it.  Stupid it may sound when you have auto saving option but you need to save it.  Save your blog post as a draft.  Don't post at this timeMost of the people get so excited to get it out, they just post it.  Wait for posting for the next day when you have another idea.  

3.  POST
Post the existing blog post you saved it last day. And then repeat step one and two after posting it. So now the cycle repeats by itself.  Have an idea write it > wrote an idea save it > saved an idea post it.

Day 1 : Write and Save it.  Go to sleep come next day.  Waiting for the next day to post it will give you enough time and strength to market your blog and place it strategically to get more audience. 

Day 2: Post existing one and then repeat steps of day 1.