It is all in the air

Can you do me a favor please for a moment?  I beg you for this one.  Could you recall the best conversation you had in the recent hours, days, months or years?  Could you recall that great idea you heard from your best friend?  Does your boss remembers all your ideas during project meeting?  Do you remember that great article worth framing in your heart?

Of course you can remember some of them.   You can easily recall some great ones and some great ones are all gone.  Your boss could be in midst of 10 different meetings and talking to about 40 individuals a day perhaps more than that.   In those meetings I am sure there would be lots of ideas floating around.  Lots of conversations going on to and fro.  By the time next week comes you can't expect your boss to remember your idea.

Similarly when you had great conversation with your friend or your father, you want to remember the great ideas.  You want them to be remembered forever.  You even want your kids some day to believe in what you believed 10 years ago.  You only wished if you had all those great ones and picked them up when needed.  Wished if you could sort them among the worst and best ones and share gladly with others.

All your ideas and conversations for the most of the time goes undocumented and unnoticed.  Today billions of people on this earth will have fabulous ideas on how to save this beautiful world.  And most of them would evaporate in the air like a volatile liquid.  Imagine if you could visualize words floating in the air and going up in the air.  What would you do?  Grab them and put them into a zip lock right.  Open it and read them as and when you need it.  Or give it to someone when they need it.

After all it is all in the air, remember it.  Great filmmakers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors, marketing gurus and creatives have been doing this since ages.  They knew the importance of a great idea.  They story board their idea, write a script, film it and release a blockbuster movie.   They watch it whenever they need it.  Some have managed to change the whole world with this simple philosophy.  And you too can do it.

Yes ! that is the brighter side of the story.  You too can do it.  In order to do so write them down as they pop-up.  Some will be bad, ridiculed or even thrashed by your own mind but please for the sake of future write them down.  Only time shall decided the greatness of one idea over the other.  Only time shall decide the wisdom you had in writing your own story.

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