What is next in the menu?

"I want to make one movie, one day".  "I want to write one book, one day",  "I want to have my own store, one day",  "I want to write a book, one day".

So what if you want to do it once.  So what even if you did it.  What is next?   Many Nobel prize winners haven't shipped another Nobel prize winning act after that.  After writing a book they haven't written anything after that.

After launching first store some haven't launched another one.  If you want to do it to satisfy your ego then don't do it.  It is waste of time.  Have a long term vision to accomplish some thing quantifiable. 

Have a vision to have a computer in every home(Bill Gates).  Have a vision to digitize every book ever printed(Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com).  Have vision to achieve excellence in customer service.  Have a vision to achieve superior quality in every product you ship. 

Technology is evolving fast and so if you keep you agendas in place and remain focused you will be able to execute your dreams one day. But that doesn't matter.  If you don't have the drive you will not ship another great idea. 

So what is next in the menu is what matters.  How much tastier is your next item in menu is what matters?   Apple doesn't stop innovation after iphone or ipad.  They always have something to offer in the next meal.

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