Where automation doesn't work?

Are you getting bogged down by increasing number of birthday notifications on your facebook account?  Do you wish an automated response to a birthday?  Perhaps not.  Automation doesn't work here.

Lets outsource our customer service department to some distant cheap location.   Lets cut every over head expense.  True customer service can't be automated.

You can't have an automated approach to lead teams.  You can not automate the personalized social bonding.  You need emotions to make them work.   Perhaps a phone call to a friend to wish happy birthday would be much more effective than a status update.

Automation doesn't work in emergency response teams.   In an increasing world of technological innovation, we tend to automate as much as we can and minimize the cost along the way.   And there is an inherent loss in this approach.

The central theme of this conversation is that we have automated our responses to most of our daily conversations with our peers, friends and general people whom we meet everyday.

Could you greet a burger king guy next door with some sort of personal feel to it? Could you say a thank you to the newspaper guy for delivering news to you?  Despite of talking and complaining about how bad the weather is or how bad time you had figuring out the parking space, can you break the mould?

Can you do it differently with a personal touch to it?  Try for a few days with each and every single person you meet.  Life will soon start off on a smooth JOURNEY.

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