You are already a leader

What is leadership?  Leadership is to lead people who believe in a common belief that you too believe in.  In simple words to me leadership is "The way to live".  If you have never led, you have never lived.  Leadership is a philosophy to live by.    Leadership is the essence of life.

If you feel uncomfortable being a leader then think again.  Reality is you are already a leader.  You have no choice.  By already being a leader, I mean you are already leading your family.  If you are a father or mother then you believe in some principles that you want your children too should believe in.  Because those beliefs shall change the course of their life.

You are already a leader because you believe in something that you feel that has the potential to change this world.  And you know that you need more people to follow your belief to make it happen.  The reality here is that you haven't mentally accepted the fact that you are already a leader and you have to behave like one.  

One has to decide whether they want to be led or lead.  You have to decide.  You are a leader from the day you take the decision to be one.  Leaders take decisions.  A leader has his own principles, has his own agenda, sets his own map, leads without directions and has followers.  When you lead, your followers will follow you.  Whatever you do and whatever you are, will be reflected in your organization, in your family and in your tribe.

Forget whatever your titles "father, mother, son, daughter, manager, brand manager, financial specialist, student, teacher, programmer, dentist, engineer or doctor" may be.  They do not exist anymore.  There is only one title that you own in this new age.  "The Leader".   That title is enough for you to change the world. 

A leader never complains, leads by example, shows others path to follow, makes other work as a team, inspires, motivates, works hard and shows the vision.   A leader is person who says "We can do it".  When any problem occurs leader says, "Its my fault".  Leaders never play the blame game.  Leaders take charge of the situation.

I am not saying everyone become leaders.  Time has passed for those arguments.  I am only arguing that you are already a leader, so behave like one.

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