Addiction to Activity

With latest technological inventions and so much distraction, our attention is at stake.  People are spending  less  time alone and more time doing something along with something.

Go watch people walking, doing exercise, commuting in subway, working and along with that they are constantly engaged in some kind of activity.  Man has found different ways to get engaged with some kind of activity like listening to songs, smoke a cigarette, eat something while watching or reading something, even do internet in classroom.

The problem with this is people are spending less and less time with themselves.  They are spending less time thinking about things that matter to them the most.  Asking less questions that would make their future bright and make them more creative and imaginative.

Why do you even want to listen to music while you are walking in the woods?  Why not just be in that moment and enjoy the beauty of nature?  Why do you want to engage in some kind of activity while some body is talking to you?

When somebody is talking to you and if that person is smoking a cigarette or chewing gum then leave the discussion right there.  That person is not interested in you.  He is giving you a signal that if "we were in animal world I would have burnt you with my smoke or eaten up you completely".

Become an observer and you will focus on giving undivided attention to everything you do.   Give up all other activities.  I don't have a car in my tape nor do I listen to any songs while walking.  I want to think about new ideas and question myself about my existence.

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