And the winner is Josh Schinagle

Hello friends,

Got some awesome reactions to "the discovery of life- death"  and I had great time reading them from some of the greatest fans.  Last post was the 100th post for Journey blog and I had promised to give away free chipotle gift card to the best fan sharing views on Journey blog.

Finally the winner of the contest is "Josh Schinagle", a leader, tech lover, my friend and a great guy.  He is a true fan and has been following Journey blog since very long.  Congratulations buddy.

His views on the last post were
"I agree completely with your opinion on letting your family be independent and not spoon feeding them. I think that you and your spouse or loved one should set up a solid foundation on which to live, but your kids should learn from their experiences, whether good or bad. Over all this was a great post. "

That was an amazing thought Josh.  His philosophy of life is
 "I try to live my life by the old saying, "An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth." I try and give respect and consideration for the people in my life the same respect and consideration that I would expect in return. I try not to live with regret either, if I feel that I will never have an opportunity to experience something that presents itself to me then I will most likely take the opportunity and do it. "

This is so great to hear from some of the true fans.  I appreciate all of them for commenting and sharing their philosophy of life.

Keep reading Journey blog and I will come up some exciting once again just for you all.

Have a nice day all.

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