Blogging and safety stock

Safety Stock.  A safety stock is the minimum amount of stock you have to keep before you stock out of inventory.  So simple right.  This is most common terminology for operation management.

In layman terms, you have to keep a safety stock of one gallon milk in your fridge before you order another one.  If it take two days for one gallon to finish then you have two days to order another gallon of milk.  Consequences of not having a safety stock are unimaginable from a business stand point.  You incur heavy cost for not having a safety stock.

In blogging you have to keep safety stock of your blog posts.  Most bloggers don't realize this and they end up missing their posting time line.  Ideally if you have decided to post 2 blog posts a week then on the same week you are not writing for the same week.  You are already set for that week.  You are now writing for next week.

For example, if you have ten blog posts for ten days all set for posting this week then 10 is your safety stock.  When all ten will go live you will stock out.  Consequences of stock out, your audiences will start loosing interest in your blog and they might flock to another blog.

This helps if you are going on travel or a business trip and for some reason you won't be able to post or reach internet access.  So if you have safety stock you don't have to worry at all about writing on your vacation.  Instead you can invest that time in marketing your blog.

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