How to motivate your workers? - Dan Pink

This is an old video perhaps some of you might have even seen it.  The video is an animation version of a talk given by Daniel Pink on how to motivate people in different situations. He also gave talk in TED conference.

This principle is excellent and it holds very true in current economic situation.  You have problems coming from all the sides and you need solutions to some very complex problems.  Those problems can't be solved by paying more.  Those can only work when people are allowed to do stuff they are willing to do.

What I liked about this video is the animation style of presenting a complex idea.  The cognitive media guys have done a superb job.  This and other ways are taking over to explaining some new and complex ideas.  Those ideas can't be explained by traditional power point methods.  Power points simply don't work in a modern world. 

Enjoy the video.

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