Instant Messaging is Dead

Guys remember Yahoo !! And those Chat rooms !! Where have they gone now?  There are still people living on Yahoo messenger.  The chat is almost none existent in the world of social media.  I don't say that it is working excellent in facebook even.  Or even MSN.  Instant messaging is dead. 

The problem with Instant messaging is people tend to go offline after some time.  And then you start seeing a pattern.  More and more people tend to be offline.  They expect others to contact them and they will chat.  But the same is the story other side.  And as a result the communication gap is created and fewer people get attracted to the platform.

Because people want to stay where crowd is.  They want to be at a place where they can watch things go by and participate if they want to say anything.  That is why twitter is great and so facebook had to integrate real time stream into their ecosystem. 

With instant messaging people don't want to go online and show off their status because then they will have to challenge their status quo and talk to people.  Be friendly and diplomatic, type in same messages(hi, how are you? I am fine and about you, What are you doing? take care bye stay in touch).

Where as real time stream allows you to stop those regular messages and just be creative at sending out signals that will resonate with people.  I am waiting for a social network that would challenge the status quo of every individual and participate in the discussion with equal creativity and openness.

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