Key to Word of Mouth Marketing

Marketing is not something you do after your product is built.  Those days are gone.  New age marketing begins from the moment you have an idea.   It is the DNA of most competitive organizations.  It starts from getting your first customer and it is driven by the customers' word of mouth. 

It is ironic that when most organizations despite knowing that word of mouth is the best marketing approach, they do things that are contrary.  Word of mouth starts from the employees and not from the customers.  If employees are not obsessed and passionate about their products, organization, work environment, with meeting people then forget the easy way of doing marketing.

You can still spend hundreds and millions of dollars on marketing your product the traditional way and end up getting average or no results.  Or you can shake up your organization, focus on the core experience associated with people(employees, customers and partners) and make it full of awesomeness.   

The most important tip for generating great word of mouth is giving your customers an awesome experience which they cannot resist but talk.

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