Social Network creates illusion

Social networks create an illusion of being connected with your friends when in fact there is no real connection taking place.  Seeing faces of friends and people on your social network profile pages makes you feel that you are connected and closer with them.

Just by being online you feel that you have done your part of staying in touch.  And it is not true.  Whereas the opposite should be the case.  Staying in touch with them should make you feel being connected.

A real connection means you are communicating and mutually making a difference in the relationship.   In real life you don't wish a friend because others are wishing.  You wish him because you remembered and cared for them. 

Whereas online networks have forced people to wish others on their birthday just because others are wishing.  I am not against social networks.  Use them to your advantage if they add value to your brand.  I am against of people doing things just because others are doing it.

Get out of the illusion of being connected.  Online networks create only more boundaries and distance between you and your so called friends.  Do something for your friends that will bring them closer to you and not take them farther away from you.

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