What is the value of losing an Idea?

Have you ever encountered a person who didn't listened to your idea?  Do you have a boss who never listens to your idea?

Then finally you get discouraged and give up.  Some great opportunities are missed and you hear the news in the industry about bankruptcy, layoffs, customer complaints, lawsuits, takeovers.

Only those who have missed the bus will come to know about the importance of timing.  In this new age, losing an idea from any person or a corporation is unacceptable.

Sometimes some great solutions to great problem will come from a receptionist or the guy cleaning windows or your linchpin.  If you are not writing your ideas as soon as they come you are at risk.

Getting yourself familiarized to writing your own thoughts and ideas.  And get off the chair and start spreading your ideas. 

If you have good boss then he/she will tell you to document your idea and present it in the next team meeting.  That's how great start ups and thriving companies work.

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