Avoid Email Disasters

Did you ever had a feeling like, "Oh ! I wish I had never sent that email."  A common mistake made by many people in everyday life.  Few have learned and others still continue to do it.  Here is the conventional way of doing it and below that is the modern way of avoiding email disasters.

Conventional Way
1.) Select a recipient
2.) Craft a subject
3.) Write the body
4.) Attach a document
5.) Don't proof read it

In above if you forget attachment, you write things you shouldn't have written, your subject heading is not appropriate and you regret at the end.  You can still continue to email the conventional way but proof read them always.

Modern Way to avoid Email Disaster
1.) Attach documents if any
2.) Write the Body
3.) Write appropriate subject
4.) Proof read it
5.) Select recipient

Proof read your emails by the number of recipients you wish to email.

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