Different ways to deal with "Idea Rejection"

When was the last time your idea was rejected?  Did they ignored your idea, or laughed at it?  Were you taken aback by their response?  Should you just stop thinking about new ideas and never tell anybody?

The phenomenon of your idea being rejected is what I call "Idea rejection".  Most people when faced with "Idea rejection" will give up or will take a vow of never pitching an idea in front of their boss or friends.  Some will even think of quitting their job.  Some will feel insecure.  The challenge for creative individuals is dealing with "Idea rejection"?  Here are few tips on dealing with "Idea rejection".

Move on 
Makes no or little sense, don't get stuck on that piece.  Find out what was liked and needs improvement.  Write it down and move ahead.  Don't waste time on it.

No egos please
For most people, affected by "Idea rejection" syndrome, it is difficult to put their egos aside.  Your idea has nothing to do with you or your being or your existence.  Common its' just an idea who got rejected, not you.  Leave attachments and egos aside.

You didn't walked on your birthday
The perfect idea that matches others' reaction can come the first time or after 100th time.   You didn't learned walking right on the same day you were born.  It will take time for you to improve and in the meanwhile keep shelling out more ideas.  Don't stop. 

Here is another one
Know this first and right, you will definitely face rejection many times in this creative economy.  That is not a big deal.  The point is you should not stop your creative ability with rejections.  You should be prepared to fight with it.  When someone rejects your idea, you should say, "No problem, how about this one". 

If you stopped, then you fell in the trap of emotionally challenged people. 

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