Few facts about Resume

Pull your resume up and go through below list
1.)  It is never perfect
2.)  Resume - Relevant Experience = College Degree
3.)  Resume + Great Font + Great Layout - Excellent Content = Garbage
4.)  Your current resume is just a snapshot
5.)  Resumes evolve
6.)  Yes they do talk about you
7.)  Its your "Brand"
8.)  Reference Section = Credibility
9.)  Every resume is different and yes for every job
10.) You will not get it right the first time
11.)  If you can't prove your skills don't mention them
12.)  If you have faint acquantances of knowing something don't mention it
13.)  Get it checked by relevant people in the industry
14.)  Organization Involvement = No money minded
15.)  Must have atleast one area of expertise
16.)  Resumes have three best friends: Cover Letter, Portfolio, Recommendation Letter

Go take care of your "Brand", your "Resume"

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