Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Limited By Default

People around you are limited.  They are limited of the world view and what is going on.  And it is not their fault at all.  It is by default.  And by default I mean it is shaped by the society.

That is they don't see how the world around them is changing.  And by the time they realize it, they are late to capitalize on it.  Same thing is happening with the publishing industry.  Their view was limited by default.  But they didn't change when they saw things changing around. 

 If your view is limited you can't see things from a different perspective.  However an outside sees things differently and pushes a change through the system.  That is why immigrants have brought change to America for decades.  Because they were able to see things differently and their veiw was not limited.

You can widen your view or your lens.  Below is a list of 8 things you can do to see a panoramic view of the changing world.

1.) Read good books.
2.) Have successfull as well as unsuccessfull mentors
3.) Stay current and updated
4.) Explore new venues and domains
5.) Always open up to learn new things
6.) Meet great people
7.) Challenge your status quo
8.) Give (anything you feel is a gift to other person).

If you can't see things by turning your head, turn whole body instead.